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I want to return my product/get a refund

If you wish to obtain an exchange or refund of a product or your order, there are certain conditions to be met. 

To obtain one of the two actions here are some conditions to respect:

The product must not have any trace of wear.
The product must be returned in its original packaging.
You must put the product and its packaging in a separate shipping carton, you can not return the package simply by sticking the label on its packaging.
If your product has double-sided adhesive tape, you must not have peeled it off.
The original carton must not be damaged.

Refund request within 30 days 

We do not take back used products because they can no longer be sold.

If you made a mistake regarding the compatibility of the products with your car, or any other mistake on your part, we will provide you with a free return label, but you will have to reorder directly on our website and take charge of the shipping of this new order.  

Refund request after 30 days: case by case.

We only refund after this period of time if your problem is due to force majeure (car order cancellation, incompatible product...)

If your order is more than six months old, the refund will be made by bank transfer (your bank details will be requested).

Method of refund by payment 

Credit card (in one go): the refund will be effective on your account quickly, depending on the processing time of your bank (the money is sent the day the refund is issued, but some banks take up to 30 days to post it on your account).

Credit card in installments: the refund will be made on your initial payment method, the following installments will be automatically cancelled. 

Bank transfer: the refund will be made via the bank account number that you have provided us. 

PayPal or any other banking application: automatic refund on these payment methods (up to 15 days).

Updated on: 27/02/2024

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